Vacuum Cleaner

Philips Aqua Trio Vacuum Cleaner-FC7088

Feature:500 W3-in-1: vacuums, mops & driesVisible wet cleaningProduct Description:Filtration :Cy..

Philips Bag less vacuum cleaner-FC8085

Feature:1400 WPower Cyclone technology separates dust and air in one goAdvanced dust containerProduc..

Philips Easy Speed Vacuum cleaner with bag–FC-8083

Feature:1200 W motorHigh suction powerRe-usable dust bagSuitable for hard floors & carpetProduct..

Philips hand stick cordless vacuum with Power Cyclone Technology

Feature:Cordless, Bag less, and Auto-off Washable Motor filterEffective on Pet HairProduct Desc..

Philips Steam Plus Sweep and Steam Cleaner-FC7020

Feature:1300 W      2-in-1: sweeps & steams WashableSuitable for all floor typesP..

Sharp Vacuum Cleaner EC-CA2422-Z

Product descriptionPower: 2400 WattsColor: GoldenStrong Metallic bodyAll Copper Durable motorCombi w..